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teenager recovers after receiving one of his tiny bikinis ... well people search for while police searched for two brothers they believe committed the crime good afternoon i'm tom neck event and for steve sanders and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers for watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>nancy loo has a live report from east garfield park >>antonio johnson died after
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being shot during a drive-by shooting sunday while sitting on his front porch with his mom. upon his death one of his kidneys went to his grandmother who was paralyzed decades ago by a stray bullet ... this brings some comfort to the family and for those who live in the troubled neighborhood ... >>even though he's gone someone is still able to get some comfort or gain something from this situation which is the grandmother he loved ... >>police are searching for two brothers in the murder of antonio johnson there were seen speeding off a late model white car perhaps a cadillac sts model year 2000 live from east
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garfield park on nancy loo >>two brothers killed in a fire in hickory hills will be remembered this afternoon at a memorial service. >>and memorial service will be held this afternoon after a regularly scheduled prayers' here at this mosque ... a three and four year-old died after being pulled from their home on the 8900 block of emerald court in hickory hills the mother ran through the two-story house to help them but became overwhelmed by all of the smoke she ran to a neighbor's house to call 911 respect to the neighbor this morning who had to dial because the women spoke no english. firemen arrived understanding there were two young children inside the boys were stuck in a bedroom upstairs ollie the two boys and the mother were home fielders children at school the father edward get a gas station and convenience store that he
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owned the family are naturalized citizens from yemen. >>it's tragic god willing whatever he gives he takes ... this nothing you can do ... >>the investigation into what caused the fire is on going bill foul play is thisno foul play is suspected >>one man is still missing after minivan hit a guardrail and ended up in the little calumet river in dalton. that van carrying six people went to the river early this morning near 147th and wentworth. police say that it landed in about 3 ft. of water but the current was swift.
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three people exited the vehicle on the run but to others were taken to hospital in critical condition diverse stop searching for the sixth person around dawn officials believe that he might have left the scene to avoid authorities >>jurors returned a guilty verdict in the trauma of a man who killed a chicago police officer gang member shawn gaston was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2009 shooting death. that verdict came down after two and half hour deliberation last night gaston was also found guilty of attempted murder for shooting at that officer's partner in the same attack prosecutors said that gas and fired several shots in a drive-by shooting because he was seeking revenge for an earlier shooting >>shawn gaston could get 101 years in prison when he is sentenced next month >>could two co-defendants also charged in the case will be tried later >>autopsy results were inconclusive on a man who died
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of to try to kill some wasps outside his home in rezko. the 62 year-old man died monday. neighbors called 911 after he collapsed on his front lawn. his wife said his time was fallen is not yet clear if insect stings caused his death the coroner's office said that more testing is needed the wake is set for tomorrow and his funeral will be saturday >> a state watchdog group wants former governor rod blagojevich's to lose his law license the attorney registration and disciplinary commission has petitioned for blagojevich to have his license suspended because of corruption convictions separate juries have convicted him of trying to sell a u.s. senate seat, extort a hospital for campaign money and lying to the fbi rod blagojevich is held in illinois law license since 1984 rod blagojevich as a legal team has until october 11th to convince
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the state supreme court to let him keep his law license >>recordings of 911 calls involving state senator suzi schmidt were just released the lake county sheriff suburban releases calls after schmidt and her husband had a domestic dispute monday ... >>i'm having a little problem with my has been right now >>like a domestic debt problem >>yes it's fine now so if he calls him his name is robert schmidt you should ignore him >>i just caught and with and not a woman that's why am i sat >>well that's understandable but unfortunately we can't ignore any of these calls coming in to 911 ... a police officer would have to be dispatched >>i just let you know that i'm fine >>prosecutors have declined to file charges in any of the incidence suzi schmidt released a statement saying that she never intended to appropriately use her title when she made the call and apologized if any of her comments seemed inappropriate
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>>a new book about walter payton is tarnishing his image a legendary career with the chicago bears exurbs from the books weakness by jeff perlman were published in the latest sports illustrated the author said from his interviews can cover that walter payton routinely mixed tylenol and vicodin before and after his nfl career the book also gives details about how peyton cheated on his wife and fathered an illegitimate son the doctor said that one mistress met pagan's wife at his induction into the pro football hall of fame ... >>they're just not being fair to
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walter ... >>the patent family should this response: walter like all of us was not perfect the challenges he faced were well known to those of us who loved and lived with him ... recent disclosures some of them true some of them on troop do not change this ... >>the '85 bears are finally visiting the white house next month but one hall of famer said that he's not going ... dan hampton was a defensive tackle on a championship team he told the score that he will not go see the president for three reasons he said the players' families were not invited he's not a fan of the president and after 25 years he's just ready to let it all go the '85 bears miss the traditional trip to the white house because the space shuttle challenger tragedy happened to two days after the super bowl president obama is hosting the team on october 7th ... >>coming up next the plane
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narrowly escapes a disaster after pilot pushes the wrong button sending the airliner into a nosedive over the pacific
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the pentagon and the u.s. capitol ... his name is res 1 for douse he is from massachusetts. the feds say that he plotted to the plastic explosives into a small remote- control model plane and dropped those bombs on july 4th but the al-qaeda agents who gave him the explosives were really federal agents and the explosives were fake the fbi said it confiscated several cellular phones that were wrecked as detonators >>and illinois man has been killed in afghanistan. jay henigan was a 61 year-old plumber from sycamore. he had been working as a cia contractor officials say that he
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was at a cia facility in the capital four days ago when he was shot by an afghan security worker and again was the middle of the second assignment in afghanistan police are questioning the person of interest in the investigation into the murders of five people in rural indiana the 46 year-old man was arrested tuesday in connection with a pharmacy hold up during an arrest indiana state police obtained information that linked him to the five people found dead sunday in rural franklin county jurors can expect more testimony today surrounding michael jackson's final moments as the conrad murray drought continues conrad murray is on trial for involuntary manslaughter he is accused of giving michael jackson a lethal dose of propofal murray's attorneys say that jackson killed himself when he took a combination of drugs while dr. murray was not in the rum yesterday's a security guard testified that conrad murray
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tried to resuscitate michael jackson as two of michael jackson's children hid in a corner and cried. >>dominique strauss-kahn and a french woman who was accused hummer rapeaccused him of rape gave statements to police in paris yesterday tristan banon claims that dominique strauss-kahn sexual assault of her in france to thousand three he claims her version of events is imaginary and is suing her for slander a judge on the revivify determine whether to drop the case or open for further investigation to proceed with a trial >>the house approved a short- term spending measure today in order to fund the federal government into next week that's in order to avoid a partial shutdown ever-increasing disaster aid the measure which the senate already approved will now go to president obama to be signed into law before the end of the fiscal year which is
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midnight friday >>europe averted disaster again today when the german parliament approve stronger about fund for but markets are already demanding more measures to keep the debt crisis from spreading beyond europe and its banks that crisis began in greece where protesters were out again today demonstrating against government reforms aimed at cutting the deficit is senate republican delegation is visiting libya where members met today with the national transitional council senator john mccain said libya's new leadership has made progress but still has a lot of work to do you to unite the country ... >>there are some islamic elements that would obviously like to take over this revolution >>illinois republican senator mark kirk is among those traveling with john mccain on a visit to libya >>the simple push of a button almost caused a catastrophe a co-pilot on a japanese airliner
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pushes the wrong button as he goes to open the cockpit door causing the plane to nearly roll over and die for 30 seconds the co-pilot was try to open the door for his captain who was returning from the but restroom the plane had 117 people on board and two flight attendants were slightly injured several passengers became airsick and suffered pain in their neck ... >>we have the next news in business ... >>and the mad watch ... and later in lunch break a traditional fall recipe gets living
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tabloid warstablet wars with apple. the candle fire is priced $200 and will be out in november and we just got word that research in motion cut the price of its tablet computer nearly in half the blackberry playbook is getting sold on its web site ... they are thinking out of getting out of the tab black- marketlet market and meat prices could hit a record ... we have positive news on the economy for a change the commerce department said growth
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in the second quarter came in better than expected going up 1.3% for the gdp ... but the economy according to some sources say that it's not growing fast enough to create those much needed jobs ... the labor department did report a big drop of the number of people filing for unemployment benefits >>let's check on the market's the dow has gained nearly 150 points the nasdaq is the weaker performers overall investors are feeling a little bit better because of the better than expected news on the u.s. economy gdp we understand a major bank is about to hit customers with a fee for using their debit cards? yes the bank of america will be coming out with a $5 fee for people using their debit
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cards to do retail transactions it wild finish to the american league wild-card matchup the highlights our head in sports. but first a live music is midday from chicago zone the chaucer's they have been expanding the boundaries of contemporary irish music sincerely 1990's you can catch them next thursday their opening for social distortion at the congress theater ... [music from the tossers]
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got a surprise this morning ... what she lacks in height to more than makes up for with the respect of her students ...
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norma guittierez went to high school two blocks from where she now teaches she said it's her own freshman math teacher that forever changed her life ... that teacher is now her superintendent ... it's great to see her pass the hat and help other students five years ago she the program math fiesta where students could get extra credit ...
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her work ethic and organizational skills and dedication to the job have left a lasting impression on many of her students ... she has shown her students over and over again that she is in their corner even if it is not about the math ... the results speak for themselves ... >>she has some of the best results in test score growth for students across the network she's among the top math teachers ... >>i'm happy to present you with this check for $1,000 ... >>and we are happy to name you
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wgn teacher of the month ... >> the principal and students got another cool surprise for having the highest attendance in the city of chicago ... cps ceo jean-claude brizard awarded the woodlawn community elementary school a $3,000 gift card to target for having the highest attendance rate during the first week of school. congratulations ... hang onto your hat is about to get very windy part of my job
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what our tom skilling 141 years that's the record for the rainfall this year ... and it's in the process of raining on us as a powerhouse cool front goes through and we have lots of wind on the way ... the clouds are coming in from the northwest but what is behind those clouds is most interesting ... we said goodbye to this system and now are saying hello to yet another one
12:30 pm
another autumn storm is descending into the united states ... there will be locking into our area soon ... we are looking at the three-dimensional radar right now these are formidable showers they're moving right along so they will not be with us for a long period we have had many consecutive rainy days in september that's a 17 year record for chicago ... the big story is not the rain or the risk of thunderstorms is the wind gusts they continued to build as the pressure builds behind the cold front there are gusts in minnesota and iowa and we will fill them soon enough
12:31 pm
... we expect the wind to build as the afternoon goes on. to the north of us the wind is gusting over 50 mi. per hour wisconsin has 40 mi. per hour wind gusts now some showers are coming and. we are looking at the northwest suburbs at harvard you see clouds and there are wet pavement pictures we're looking at near milwaukee ... it
12:32 pm
yesterday was in the upper 80s in south dakota is in the '60s there today ... it's a big area temperature drop with wind advisories ... storm warnings are out on my michigan awakes will build to two stories high from 18-20 ft. there are lakeshore flooding advisory's near the indiana and michigan shoreline's as those powerful 50 mi. per hour wind gusts take hold ... the wind advisories are in effect here in chicago between 2:00 p.m. today and 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning ... we promise warmer weather is on the way next week ... we're looking at the maps to see the speed of those wind gusts
12:33 pm
... there will be howling bring into our area coming from down the lake ... in time there will reorient themselves and bend into the chicago area bringing us lake effect rainshowers later tomorrow and into part of the day on saturday they will be for mostly lakeside counties ... but the peak wind gusts will surpass 40 mi. per hour by 7:00 this evening at midnight they will be about 30 mi. per hour or slightly higher ... and going into michigan they are 50 mi. per hour off the lake. later tomorrow we will see the wind led up to about 25 mi. per hour ... that buckle in the jet
12:34 pm
stream will be bringing the cool air and ... the big canadian high end will be here ... the temperature change tells the story they have dropped by as much as 23 degrees in northern minnesota. the gusts will come into the northwest suburbs as the afternoon wears on ... this only about 10 mi. per hour at o'hare airport right now the water temperature on lake michigan is 65 degrees right now and we have a high mulled count in the area today ..mold count.. and
12:35 pm
it is the worst allergy season in 10 years ... the mold counts are off the charts ... we have scattered showers early this afternoon a critical involves some thunder tonight the wind advisory is in full effect. the low temperatures tonight will be 45 degrees variably for cloudy skies for tomorrow with some scattered showers ... the
12:36 pm
weather for the bears game looks spectacular sunday. and it will get better next week we will talk about that in the long-term forecast time now for today's trivia: australia has which country's flag in its upper left
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we watched four teams play for the final two playoff spots the raise and the red sox tied for the american league wild-card. the white sox in baltimore where they were tied in the ninth inning when the orioles are robert mann dino drove in the
12:39 pm
game winner the red sox lost 4-3 minutes later in tampa in the 12th inning and the reays evan longoria hit a walk off, to clinch the wild card for tampa the red sox led by nine games in the beginning of the month of but it's the biggest collapse in baseball history the second- biggest from the braves they lost late last night to philadelphia sending the cardinals to the playoffs they led by 8 1/2 ... final game for the chicago white sox and hitting coach greg walker chris sale already walked in the tying run in the ninth inning and then walks in the game-winning run the white sox lost to the blue jays a 3-2 and they and the season 79-83 the cubs wrapped up
12:40 pm
the season in san diego they are down 1 nothing in the third inning when neck hundley hit a three run homer and ryan dempster also gave up a grand slam and his 14th loss of the year the cubs lost to the san diego padres 9-2 and they finished the season 71 and 91. the blackhawks and that redwings and were at the united center last night ... the black hawks went on to win 4-3 after a goal from marian hossa ... the illinois lottery drawing is next ... they pick three winning numbers are: 1 1 4
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 3 2 9 7 113 million dollars for the mega
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millions jackpot...
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tyson's is recalling thousands of pounds of ground beef contaminated with e. coli ... here is the product code ... the affected products are coated as you see here on the screen ... in the medical watch people with diabetes have increased risk of colon cancer but why and what to do about
12:45 pm
that are unclear researchers analyzed data from 14 international studies their report people with diabetes for 38 percent more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer than those without the disease they also had a 20 percent higher risk of rectal cancer one theory on the connection between diabetes and colorectal cancer is that people with diabetes have high levels of hormones that cause cells to grow and spread and that may include cancer cells ... copper and zinc levels impact miscarriage according to a first of its kind steady from the university of granada. researchers found a low blood levels of copper and zinc are associated with spontaneous miscarriage in the first trimester about 15 percent of women suffer with early miscarriage doctors say while more research is needed they believe that copper and zinc are important elements for pregnant women much like folic acid to protect the growing fetus
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is back with some fall recipe is ...
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as the seasons change people's preferences for spices and seasonings also changed ... i am bringing something here from our menu at trader todd's ... this is a new twist on pumpkin soup it's our pumpkin cocoanut soup and we accompany this with spicy pumpkin corn bread ... >>we begin with coconut flavor and 3 c. of the coconut water that's the base. we are adding cream of cocoanut 1 tbsp.
12:50 pm
and we add one-half cup of coconut meat and then we will add pumpkin puree freshly roasted pumpkin is best or you can use something out of the can. and we are going to ed jamaican jerk seasoning ... and we add salt and pepper to taste with 2 tbsp. of olive oil and a third cup of allman the milkmond milk you can also use soy milk.
12:51 pm
you are going to risk all these ingredients together and then you put them in a blender or a food processor to get the right consistency poured back into your soup pot. he that and let it simmer and you can garnish this with coconut flakes it's a very simple recipe and it's great for the season all you have to do is warming the pureed soup on your stove let it simmer low temperature for one hour serve it warm ...
12:52 pm
moving on to the spicy pumpkin corn bread ... we have a couple of cups of flour 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour and half a cup of all-purpose flour this gives more of a consistency and boosts the flavor. we add 1 tbsp. of baking powder to this dry mixture and 1 c. of cornellmeal. now we add the seasoning: jamaican jerk seasoning 1 tbsp.
12:53 pm
1 c. of the pumpkin puree. and 1 tbsp. of molasses and one-half cup of brown sugar and a couple of days and vegetable oil ... we are running out of time we do have the recipe up on our web site wgn ... trader todds is located at 3216 north sheffield here in chicago
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the wind will pick up fest this afternoon you with us tomorrow there will produce a huge wave is on the lake michigan we will have some showers tonight some sunbreaks tomorrow we have lake effect clouds with maybe some showers pressuring the shoreline ... here's the 7 day forecast: the warm-up will push us into the '70's most of next week the bears game on sunday will be great weather we will start seeing it warm-up on
12:58 pm
monday ... thank you so much for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon remember that we are back here at 5 and again at 9 ... [music from the tossers]
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